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hppeeps announces their undying love by saying: Hi just a quick question :) Why do you think the writers decided to go down the Quinn/Sam road in season 2 rather than continuing on with Quick? Cause in the very first episode when Jacob asked Puck if he was over Quinn and he smacked the camera away it seemed that they were going to continue it but next thing you know she had a thing with Sam! Any ideas on why they went down that path? :)

Hello :)

I’m about 201% sure the reason they went with the Quinn/Sam road was because of Darren/Blaine. It’s common knowledge that Chord was hired to eventually play Kurt’s BF. Back in the day (after season 1) Ryan Murphy promise that Kurt and Mercedes(she had to wait another season) would have a love interest in season 2, Quinn was supposed to be single for a while to recover from the loss of Beth and Kurt’s boyfriend would be called ‘Sam’ and they would be out and proud, popular Prom King and King. Jane Lynch said the boy they cast for Kurts boyfriend had big lips, and then Chris Colfer said that Quinn would have a role to play in their storyline. I can’t provide all the accurate sources for this but I’m sure if you find a Kum/Hevans shipper they will be happy to provide all the evidence.

Now what does this have to do with Quick, well I think it’s pretty obvious that Quinn was meant to be Sam’s beard until he found the courage to come out as bi/gay whatever, 2x04 is all about Sam interacting with Quinn, Kurt and them both thinking he’s gay. The 2x06 we were introduced to Blaine who was supposed to be a sort of mentor to Kurt for a couple of episodes and Darren sang ‘Teenage Dream’ which became glee fastest selling number 1 song on itunes (or something along those lines) and by the weekend that that episode aired, Darren was promised series regular. 

So in my personal opinion, yes, Puck & Quinn were meant to happen but Darren brought in lots a $$$ RIB thought fuck Sam/Kurt lets make Kurt/Blaine happen then they were like, fuck what do we do with Sam now? ‘Chord and Dianna had so much chemistry we had to put them together’ and as we all know RIB got bored of Fabrevans very quickly and brought Quinn back into the Finchel fold.

Puck & Quinn were meant to get together in season 2, it’s pretty obvious if you watch the promotional campaign, especially if you take into account that Puck & Quinn were promoted together and in a very couple-y fashion, eg, 


I uploaded the image campaign video a while ago but I think it’s pretty clear the direction they were given was to act as a couple. 

They also have a deleted scene from 2x01 in which Puck appears to be holding Quinn’s hand. 




We don’t know a lot about the scene other than it was featured in the season 2 ‘couples' promo.

Hopefully that answers your question and that I make some kind of sense.

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Aw! That’s so sweet, thank you so much!

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toothug-4u announces their undying love by saying: Do you have the link to the video where mark is talking about Quinn and puck finally Being together

Here you go.

It’s from the behind the scenes of ‘New Directions’ 5.13.